Reasons to Celebrate Your Wedding in Oregon

What you should know about getting married in Oregon

There are of laws in the United States regarding many things. There are, however, differences from state to state concerning some things such as marriage. In Oregon, the rules regarding marriage are more liberal and allow normally exempt individuals the freedom to follow their hearts.

There are a number of requirements to meet in order to be eligible for marriage in Oregon. However, these requirements are more lenient than normal. You do not have to be a resident of Oregon in order to get married there, but both you and your partner need to have some form of identification such as a driver’s license or a state issued ID. If you have had a divorce recently, you only have to wait one day after the divorce was finalized to remarry. You will need the date of the day the divorce was finalized and in some areas you may also need a copy of the final divorce decree. You may also be required to take a premarital education class, depending on the specific area of Oregon.

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There is a fee of about $50 or more. You will need to get a marriage license (which expires in 60 days) and after that, you have between three and sixty days to get married before that license expires. It would be a safe bet to bring cash rather than cards. There is a three day waiting period but that can be waived for an additional $10.

The youngest age at which one is eligible to get married in Oregon is 17 with the written consent of a parent or guardian who is a resident of Oregon. Same sex marriage is also allowed. You will need to have two witnesses at the ceremony who are at least 18 years old; they don’t need to be people you know personally but it might be a good idea to have someone you know and love as witnesses.

Both individuals who intend to get married must go together in front of a county clerk to complete the marriage license paperwork. Some parts of Oregon (like Portland Oregon) allow you to do the application process online. Another helpful tip is planning when to have the ceremony. Oregon is a beautiful place and there are different areas that you could have the celebration. However, there are some months that are more popular than others and that means more people will probably also host their wedding in those months. If you are interested in having a wedding ceremony, for example, in the spring, then you may have to book a date ahead of time in order to reserve a spot. Some of the unpopular months may have more free space and might come with a discount, but there might be some sort of adversity such as extremely cold weather.

These requirements make getting married a very easy process and it is relatively fast. It is a great option for those who are ready to start a new life with their loved one soon, although planning is important.

There are a few things that you aren’t allowed to do in Oregon when it comes to marriage: Proxy marriage, common-law marriage, and cousin marriage. Proxy marriages are basically like having a substitute teacher; the bride or groom won’t be present and someone else will fill in at the ceremony. Common-law marriages aren’t recognized in every state. This is when (usually) a man and woman lives together and presents themselves as married but never go through an official ceremony. Cousin marriage is exactly that: getting married to your relatives. It is different from state to state and not all are the same as far as requirements go. For example, in Alaska and Alabama individuals who are first cousins are allowed to get married. In Arizona however, it’s allowed only if the two first cousins are over a certain age and can’t have children.

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