Search Engine Optimization Strategies For Your Business


How To Implement SEO Into Your Business And Why

The search engine optimization landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. The days of sending spammy links from cheap vendors to rank in Google have ended. In fact, these type of quick fix tactics could potentially damage your website forever.

In 2016, smart internet marketers are taking a long term view when developing a marketing strategy. At this point your probably asking yourself, what is a long term view? A long term view is a strategy that focuses on developing quality content over quantity of content. In the past, short 200-300 word blogs were sufficient to capture eyeballs and produce website engagement. Nowadays, 700-1000 word information rich articles are the norm for high-quality sites.

The internet is no longer new and the low hanging fruit has been grabbed. Internet markets must now rely on long-tail keywords and ranking strategies to be effective. Companies must not only focus on their niche, but must identify the niche within the niche. The strategy here would be to first identify what your sub-niche is and then determine the content you can provide. Next, you could use Facebook or other research platforms to clearly identify who your target audience is. Once that target audience is correctly identified you can direct all your marketing directly at them. This is absolutely critical if you want to maintain a positive return on investment.

Another powerful strategy is to utilize Facebook retargeting. Instead of directing your advertising at everyone, direct your advertising directly at people who have already showed interest in your business.  For example, if someone visits your site from one of your ads, but doesn’t purchase anything then they would be a prime target for Facebook retargeting. Studies show that website visitors that show an interest in your company have a much higher probability of purchasing than someone who has never heard of your company. Furthermore, credible data suggests that you need 5 or more “touches” with a potential customer before they decide to buy from you. In fact, the chances of someone buying from you on their first visit is very low, therefore retargeting is essential to your success in 2016.

Growing Your Company With SEO

Finally, search engine optimization has became an essential way to grow your company. Free traffic and targeted traffic from Google is a great way to reach new customers and increase your profits. Traffic from Google has a much higher chance of converting to sales because these people have found your product in a natural and organic way. You definitely should spend you time and search for the best Portland SEO company, or substitute “Portland” for whatever city you live in. 

When a client visits your site through a paid ad his guard is up. When a customer visits your site through a Google search his guard is down because he has found you on his terms. This is vastly different then a TV commercial, radio ad, or any other type of advertising. In 2016 an effective marketing strategy will include a combination of all types of different modalities. Lets face it, the landscape has gotten much more competitive in recent years and it’s up to you to expand your marketing.

If you want your company to be successful you will need to spend more on marketing and advertising then you have in the past. In fact, chances are you will have to spend more on marketing and advertising each year going forward into the foreseeable future. The bottom line is the business landscape is getting much more competitive and it’s up to you to respond, adjust, and act accordingly. We personally use Oregon Web Solutions who are based out of Portland Oregon. They might be a good starting point for you as they work globally even though they are Oregon based. 

Here is how you can get a hold of them if you would like to:

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